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If you get in touch and it looks like you need a reply you will get a response. Please be aware that Neighbourgood does not offer or arrange social care or other forms of support and advice. This form is for you to contact The Neighbourgood directly so, if you want to get in touch with an organisation directly, please use their details posted on the site. When you contact us, it might take a while to get back to you but rest assured, every effort will be made to do so.

Hyperlink, Commerce or Sharing?

Some people think that the hyperlink is the centre of the web and perhaps it is. It is certainly, central to the whole of the internet as it’s what enables information to be linked to and from and us to be able to surf and browse and flick around from one page to another. In case you aren’t sure that word, “hyperlink” is a hyperlink and if you click on it, you will be taken to a definition of the word. So if the heart of the web is the hyperlink, is there anything else?

If linking is the web’s heart what about the content that we all link to and from? Well, you could suggest that links are at the heart of the web’s function but what about all that stuff? Steve Jobs thought that commerce was a critical part of content as well as publishing but we think there might be one more part of the picture: sharing! Links facilitate sharing, content and perhaps especially commerce is what and how we share but the critical part of all of that is the people that want to share. So, when you’re in the Neighbourgood, share away! Use the contact form to tell us your thoughts but please, use your usual networks to tell others about the site.

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