two children: on e ties the other's shoelaces

Standard of Care

Standard Care or Standard of Care? This item is a follow-on to the previous Neighbourgood Post.  I tried to make the point that providing care and support is a complex matter and subject to a wide range of influencing factors that complicate, define or explain the caring relationship.  It’s true that people provide and need […]

Sharing: Life Blood of the Neighbourgood

Sharing Keeps Things Going Sharing knowledge, experience, skill and other resources is the lifeblood of any neighbourhood and no less here.  Sharing will benefit the giver and the recipient and can lead to a sense of belonging and increased security.  Knowing there are people who might help even when you don’t need it, generates confidence […]

Terms and Conditions

Why Terms and Conditions? Short answer: because I can! A Terms and Conditions page has been added because I guess any neighbourhood needs some rules or standards to help things go smoothly and to help us get along. I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing here of course, so this is my first shot. […]

Anyone Can List a Group!

You Don’t Have to Own a Group to List a Group It struck me that  I ought to say that.  If you work for, manage, own or have anything to do with with a caring or helping organisation, go ahead and add a listing.  If you know of a group that should be here and  […]