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Write For the Neighbourgood

You Could Write for the Neighbourgood I have written quite a few short articles now and have been very conscious of the fact that I am discussing things that are not my lived experience. The Neighbourgood is intended as a resource for people with disabilities and other things, that might lead to difficulties in life. […]

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In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory On Friday 22nd February 2013, my mother, Joan died. I agreed to speak at her funeral and represented my brother and two sisters in doing so. As I wrote down what I wanted to say, it came to me that much of what I could speak about would make for good content […]

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The Tourist

The Tourist I am writing this in Tenerife. That sounds pretty grand but really, it is not. We got a cheap week away in the sun which so far, has not really put in much of an appearance, but it is only day two and I remain hopeful! What I am struck with is that […]

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Loneliness Bad For You

Loneliness Bad For You? Well, it Might Not Be Good We knew that! But research it seems, thinks that social isolation can be as bad for you as smoking! OK, I’ll confess two things straight away; first, I haven’t read the research and second I’m already cynical. I know, I know, it’s not good to […]

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A Good Deed

Good Deed Story on the Radio I heard a story this morning on the radio and it really got me thinking. I’m pretty sure it was Saturday Live on Radio 4 but I couldn’t tell you who said it and I think I was brushing my teeth at the time so, was not 100% attentive. […]

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Call me Crazy at The Stag Theatre

Call me Crazy From Sevenoaks MIND Sevenoaks MIND have announced a “very exciting play” taking place at the Stag in Sevenoaks on Saturday 20th April 2013. Call Me Crazy is an award winning comedy-drama being brought to the local stage by Sevenoaks Area MIND in partnership with Sevenoaks District Council and NHS West Kent.


Caring Friendship

Caring Friendship is Cruical This is my third post looking at caring relationships. Part One was, Care to Care and Part two, Standard of Care. I aimed to be done in two but the more I thought about things, the more came to mind. Here, I want to think about the place of friendship in […]

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Leave a Message

Neighbourly Message If I talk or think about neighbourliness it inevitably makes me think about where I grew up and the small village where my mother still lives. As a youngster it was difficult not to get in to trouble because everyone knew who I was. That is of course, if you go with the […]

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Neighbourgood Blog: Looking for Inspiration?

Is this The Neighbourgood Blog? I don’t really like the word Blog.  That’s one reason I called this section in the Neighbourgood, “News” which in my view, is what many blogs try to do and what I think, is a better fit.  Having said that, I would prefer, “News & Views” but that makes for […]

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How the Neighbourgood Will Work?

So, How Will The Neighbourgood Work? It still is early days and if I’m honest, we still aren’t quite ready to promote The Neighbourgood. You see, I had a change of plan with the site’s design recently and I’m taking a different route with the way the site is built. I won’t bore you with […]