Aunty Joan

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A Poem Read at Joan’s Funeral

I have written a news item inspired by my mum and wrote a bit about her life, the family and the village.  I have included a page that pretty much, is a transcript of what I said at the service and it just felt that it would not do to include a copy of Margaret’s lovely poem.  Joan was a bit of a poet herself and was able to pen witty stories in verse to mark events and special occasions and what Margaret added to the service was a fond tribute to Joan, Aunty Joan.

Aunty Joan With Love From Margaret

Auntie Joan, we called her, a dear friend to me
You were like a Mum to me or a sister maybe
You used to write a poem or two
So I thought I’d write one about you

The fun and laughter over coffee with friends
Discussing the village and all of its trends
Doing the crossword for hours, we’d sit
Until we’d completed every single bit

My family grew up on your home cooking
Stews, soups and pies and bread and butter pudding
I would pretend that it was mine
Because it tasted so divine
My cooking disasters you’d magically fix
With a bit of this, bit of that and a quick mix

With horseradish sauce and cakes off you’d go
To the church stand at the White Horse show
Quite well known for your sauce in brief
Added a kick to that Sunday roast beef
At Christmas there was always something in the oven
Making stuffing and mince pies by the dozen

I’d visit you every day, it was never a chore
It was a welcoming house with an open door
I’d call on you to say good morning and again to say goodnight
And throughout the day you were never far from sight

But now my friend, I say goodbye
With a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye
In heaven I hope you’ll be at rest
You really were one of the best
For a while I’ll feel lost and alone
Without my dear friend we called Auntie Joan