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Write For the Neighbourgood

You Could Write for the Neighbourgood

I have written quite a few short articles now and have been very conscious of the fact that I am discussing things that are not my lived experience. The Neighbourgood is intended as a resource for people with disabilities and other things, that might lead to difficulties in life. Whilst I have experienced a few problems myself, I am not disabled nor am I a carer. I am a social worker which I hope gives me a bit of credibility but I know I write from a particular perspective and that means I might occasionally get it wrong. Where I do, I would appreciate someone to be able offer another perspective or, put me right!

pen paper and handwriting

Write for the Neighbourgood
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Guest Post

If you feel strongly enough about something I have written and you would like to express your ideas, then why not consider writing a Guest Post for The Neighbourgood. I think that I would publish pretty much anything that fits a couple at least, of these points:

  • It fits with the theme of The Neighbourgood
  • You want to respond to something already written
  • You have some degree of relevant experience
  • You want to describe an organisation (especially one listed in the directory)
  • You already blog within the theme of social care or something related
  • You have a story to tell
  • You can do it in 300 to 500 words
  • You won’t be ranting, recruiting or raising funds

If you are interested in this please get in touch through theĀ contact form on the site. You can email me if you prefer at martcol[@]hotmail[.]com – do you get that you need to omit the square brackets? That email is written like that to try to prevent spammers copying it in an automated way.

If you want to add something and don’t feel confident in your written skills then I will help you. Look, I don’t claim to be a modern day Shakespeare or anything, but I can at least help you get up to my standard! Send me something and we can work it out together using email. I would never publish something on your behalf until you agreed it’s content and you would get full credit.

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Got Something to Say?
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What’s in it for You?

Well first off, that you get a chance to publish something you feel strongly about. Then there’s the satisfaction of contributing to something that you know is based on the principle of helping others. If you are a blogger or you are connected to a caring or support organisation, you will be able to add a link to your site. This is a good thing as meaningful, relevant back-links can increase search engine page rankings and will benefit your site’s findability.

If you are good at this sort of thing, you can write regularly. Maybe you are thinking about developing your own blog in which case, this could be a good way to start out. If you need it, I might be able to give you some pointers and advice too.

Writing a Post is Too Much?

If a writing a post is a bit too much then you can always add a comment to an item that has already been published. Please do. Commenting is really helpful to me even if it is just a way of telling that people are reading things! On top of that it helps to show how people think and feel and can get others involved too. Apart from that I am interested to know what you think.

The other thing you can do if you want to say something about the Neighbourgood site is to use the contact form. If you have some good ideas then I will try to develop them or add something relevant. Every little helps.


  • Blog: from web log. An online journal
  • Post: a single item or entry in a blog
  • Post: to publish on line especially on a blog
  • Spammers: people up to no good on the web
  • Spam: what spammers do and tinned meat
  • Commenting: a popular function of blogs and other social media. The facility for people to add their own thoughts about what is written or posted

Rules for Contributors:

There are only two.

  1. I am in Charge (i.e. keep editorial control)
  2. See Rule 1



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