Broken down car

A Good Deed

Good Deed Story on the Radio

I heard a story this morning on the radio and it really got me thinking. I’m pretty sure it was Saturday Live on Radio 4 but I couldn’t tell you who said it and I think I was brushing my teeth at the time so, was not 100% attentive. Anyway you want the story, I know.

So, this bloke and his partner, some time ago I think, are in Birmingham late at night and their car breaks down. The are in or pull in, to a petrol station and look for help and it turns out eventually, they are stranded. So, this worker at the petrol station lets the couple stay in her home. In the morning, they get up and the woman has gone to work and left the couple her keys and their breakfast! I was impressed! I found myself thinking that I wish I had the courage to dish up single acts of kindness in that way, from time-to-time. But I don’t.

Broken down car

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Good Deal of Trust

To be generous must include trust. You want to be sure don’t you, that your generosity isn’t taken advantage of; to be certain that what you give is appreciated and made good use of. In the story above, when you think about it, both parties were trusting and fortunately, trustworthy. The couple didn’t know what they were getting in to and the host, not a clue who she was allowing to stay in her home. but oh my, what an outcome!

Good Deeds, Good Outcomes

When you do a good deed for someone you want it to be a good thing. When I say good deed here I’m talking about a deed, a proper thing that you do. I don’t mean giving to charity or a sponsored mud wrestle or adopting a donkey, I mean something done to another person; something private, where you might make yourself a bit vulnerable. I’m not saying that those other things are wrong or anything, it’s just that I don’t mean that kind of activity. If you do something for someone which part of it is the good deed? I guess both parts, the good thing you did and the good that it did. In the radio story the good deed was sharing a room or sofa for a night (plus breakfast) and the good that was done was that the couple with car-trouble were taken out of a stressful situation and given time to get themselves sorted out.

Thinking About Good Deeds

So why did this particular story get me thinking? Well like you probably, I thought that it wasn’

t just a good thing to do, it was daft! Taking risk into account, neither the couple or the good-deed-doer had a clue that they weren’t walking into danger. If you think about all the bad things that happen in the world, this could have turned into one of them. I guess each party used their own intuition or other process to weigh it all up but who knows what might have been. In trying to weigh that up, I mentally ticked off all the people I do know, and whether I might let them stay in my house if they needed to and if I didn’t know them. To be honest, I could not think of one person that I thought might steal my silver or empty the fridge or not make the bed!

So What do You Think?

Have you ever benefitted from the generosity of a stranger? Here’s your chance to tell us about it. Maybe you’ve given something to others and got stitched up. How did that make you feel? Mind you, I think that if we had enough responses, we would find more positive experiences than bad ones.  Say what you think in the comments box.

unmade bed

Good Deed: Make the bed!
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