What’s Going on in the Neighbourgood?

So what is exactly going on here? This site is an attempt at creating a single resource that lists caring and helping agencies that provide help and support for people. As of November 2012, it’s brand new. It isn’t a new concept and in fact, it uses popular resources that are deployed on many websites around the world. This software will drive things like classified pages, business directories, and is a close relative of social networking sites. Here, we are interested in any helping organisation whether it’s a small, informal group that provides self-help or very local support or a large, organised charity that has offices and projects all over the country. If the site gets to penetrate those large statutory organisations, then they can join in and tell people what they do here too.

So Why Bother, When We Have Search Engines?

I’m glad you asked the difficult question! Well if I’m honest, I’m not that glad. The search engines have their place of course and many people can find help that way, especially if they have a prominent place on the internet. Search engines are excellent resources but if you areHelp sign not a web savvy person, you might not find it so easy to get the answer you’re looking for. So if you search for advice on a particular subject you might find you get results that are from organisations all over the world, or businesses that are selling products that relate to your search or whatever. If The Neighbourgood builds a good directory of services, who’s to say that people will not be able to find resources that are local to them and very relevant. Who knows, if it turns out that there is very little support in one area, that knowing this will inspire others to maybe start their own helping organisations and groups? Here’s a page of advice on using the search engines to find things so, if anyone at Google is reading this, they won’t feel so intimidated!

What Next?

Well, what’s next for me is to continue to develop, promote and build The Neighbourgood. I need to do what I can to encourage groups to register with the site and to find ways to let people know the resource is here. I can actually start by telling people I work with, know through social networking, and meet in my daily living. I will also begin to invite groups and organisations to register with The Neighbourgood and describe what they do in a listing. So if you are reading this or searching the site, keep coming back to see if more is added. If you are thinking of registering and making use of the site, please go ahead.