This will be Quick!

Well, the post will be quick but the video below is a bout 7 minutes long.  “How do you spend your day?” is the question asked in the video and for Richie Parker, you will see, it is pretty remarkable.  I haven’t much to say because pretty much, it is hard to know what to say without resorting to clichés or possibly, making a bit of a mess of it.  At the end of the video the narrator in responding to the question again, says something like, “Don’t ask Richie Parker because he’s already moving on…” Do You Care? Read on

Shorts on a washing line

The Tourist

I am writing this in Tenerife. That sounds pretty grand but really, it is not. We got a cheap week away in the sun which so far, has not really put in much of an appearance, but it is only day two and I remain hopeful!

What I am struck with is that here, I am a foreigner and I am wondering how much this is like the experience of people who have a disability? Not only am I evidently, a visitor with my pale skin and ridiculous shorts, I am also a tourist and the unwilling participant in all of the associated stereotypes. It seems that no matter what I do, I can’t shake that sense of not belonging. Do You Care? Read on