Terms and Conditions

Why Terms and Conditions? Short answer: because I can! A Terms and Conditions page has been added because I guess any neighbourhood needs some rules or standards to help things go smoothly and to help us get along. I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing here of course, so this is my first shot. … Continue Reading

Full Entitlement to Benefits

Are You Claiming for Everything You Can? One of the things that I have heard recently on the radio and television is that many people do not know what their full entitlement to benefits might be.  This has been the case for as long as I can recall and despite living in the age of … Continue Reading

Care Awards 2012

Great British Care Awards Over the Christmas holidays I had a look around to see if I might come up with some interesting news for the Neighbourgood and I came across the web site for the Great British Care Awards. Perfect fit! I did not know about these awards but guessing there might be something … Continue Reading


No such thing as a Free Lunch If you look at the sidebar for a moment, you will see a donate button like this: If it works as I hope it should, it will link to my PayPal account and give users especially listing owners, a chance to contribute to the site.

Anyone Can List a Group!

You Don’t Have to Own a Group to List a Group It struck me that  I ought to say that.  If you work for, manage, own or have anything to do with with a caring or helping organisation, go ahead and add a listing.  If you know of a group that should be here and  … Continue Reading

wheat field with tyre treads

Giving away Ten Pound Notes

Is that Generosity? So did you hear the one about the vicar giving away tenners? It’s true; for his church Harvest Festival service, Rev Pev, as his parishioners know him, gave people who attended a ten pound note. I’ve never heard of that before and no wonder it made the news. This Wiki page says … Continue Reading

We Need Good Neighbours

There’s this feeling that neighbourhoods are getting less friendly; that the places and communities we inhabit are not as safe as they were in our childhood. But how can we be sure? There’s no doubt that we need to secure our homes and take account of our own safety but are communities less safe and … Continue Reading

Looking for Help

The Neighbourgood needs a few volunteers to help it out: is that a bit ironic? The site went live yesterday, 7th November and it would be great if a few people could post some fictitious listings and then let me know how it went.  I’m looking for help. Once the site gets going, it should … Continue Reading

Developing the Neighbourgood

Doing My Best This site has been on my mind since mid 2011 and I think that I am at last, getting near to the idea becoming a reality. For me, it is quite an ambitious project and one that I think will be useful. Of course, that will depend on whether other people think … Continue Reading