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Does Diagnosis Matter?

 What’s in a Name: Does Diagnosis Matter? I wonder if you recognise these words, “Tis but thy name that is my enemy?” Probably not. How about this line, “…That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet?” Of course, now we’re getting warmer! That is Shakespeare’s Juliet speaking about her … Continue Reading

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Disability and Travel

Disability and Travel: The Tourist This is my second item inspired by traveling to Tenerife. Right now I am lying in the sun, in my ridiculous shorts pretending I am warm. It’s early but so far, it isn’t even hot enough for a cool beer! I am still in the recovery phase of traveling, the … Continue Reading

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Write For the Neighbourgood

You Could Write for the Neighbourgood I have written quite a few short articles now and have been very conscious of the fact that I am discussing things that are not my lived experience. The Neighbourgood is intended as a resource for people with disabilities and other things, that might lead to difficulties in life. … Continue Reading

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In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory On Friday 22nd February 2013, my mother, Joan died. I agreed to speak at her funeral and represented my brother and two sisters in doing so. As I wrote down what I wanted to say, it came to me that much of what I could speak about would make for good content … Continue Reading

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The Tourist

The Tourist I am writing this in Tenerife. That sounds pretty grand but really, it is not. We got a cheap week away in the sun which so far, has not really put in much of an appearance, but it is only day two and I remain hopeful! What I am struck with is that … Continue Reading

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Loneliness Bad For You

Loneliness Bad For You? Well, it Might Not Be Good We knew that! But research it seems, thinks that social isolation can be as bad for you as smoking! OK, I’ll confess two things straight away; first, I haven’t read the research and second I’m already cynical. I know, I know, it’s not good to … Continue Reading

Broken down car

A Good Deed

Good Deed Story on the Radio I heard a story this morning on the radio and it really got me thinking. I’m pretty sure it was Saturday Live on Radio 4 but I couldn’t tell you who said it and I think I was brushing my teeth at the time so, was not 100% attentive. … Continue Reading

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The Bedroom Tax

Bedroom Tax Unfair The Government is changing the rules concerning housing benefit. It will only pay towards rent for low-income households based on the number of bedrooms it thinks people need. So, if you are a couple with no other people living in your house, and you have spare bedrooms, you are likely to lose … Continue Reading

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Wrong to Share

When is it Wrong to Share. On one level, it’s never wrong. If people need care and support then why would we ever argue that they shouldn’t be given it? Also, there’s something about sharing and general generosity that is just good for everyone.  I would guess that most of us grew up being encouraged … Continue Reading