Cuts in Derby

Hw widely considered are news reports about cuts such as this reported by Guardian Newspaper site about one council cutting 83% from one of its services? Derby Council are justifying this level of cuts because it believes that this will help preserve its commitment to providing other social care services. It also considers that the cuts it intends making in housing support will help it comply with government demands. It strikes me that Derby might be attempting to inflict political damage on the coalition by causing actual damage to disadvantaged people.

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There’s this feeling that neighbourhoods are getting less friendly; that the places and communities we inhabit are not as safe as they were in our childhood. But how can we be sure? There’s no doubt that we need to secure our homes and take account of our own safety but are communities less safe and secure than they used to be?  Whatever you think about those questions, I think you will agree that we need good neighbours. Do You Care? Read on