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Social Work Stress

Social work stress in mental health teams hits record high What can I say?  I have a social work background er… I’m a social worker and I happen to have worked in mental health services since 1996.  Over that period I have met some great people; carers, service users and colleagues and had and seen … Continue Reading

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Serious not Solemn

Serious, not Solemn The video talk below is very interesting but, I’ll warn you, it is aimed at designers and it is over twenty minutes long.  I enjoyed it very much but not because I am a designer, although I was interested,  but because I thought it said something more about what can happen to … Continue Reading

Richie Parker Video

This will be Quick! Well, the post will be quick but the video below is a bout 7 minutes long.  “How do you spend your day?” is the question asked in the video and for Richie Parker, you will see, it is pretty remarkable.  I haven’t much to say because pretty much, it is hard … Continue Reading

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The Difficult Patient

How Good Are you at Accepting Help? Isn’t it interesting that some of us don’t like to ask for or accept help and support?  Not everyone of course and it can be quite challenging when some people can’t seem to stop asking for help, even when they might not need it – but that’s for … Continue Reading

Personal Details

Rules are for Breaking! I am going to break a bit of a personal blogging rule here and tell you a bit about myself. Social Worker Have been an Approved MH Professional Working Mental Health Services Had an operation on my ear in November 2013 There you go, you pretty much know all there is … Continue Reading

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Fifteen Minutes of Care

Fifteen Minutes of Care: is it Enough? Everyone will have their fifteen minutes of fame, an expression coined by Andy Warhol, who said in 1968 that “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” If you were famous, I imagine it might be better enjoyed if it were more than a fleeting moment. … Continue Reading

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Pardon me for Getting Old!

Getting Old is Inevitable Pardon me for getting old, is a quote from a reader’s comment on a page about a predicted crisis in Norfolk.  This is what the article says in describing the pressure on the local authority in providing care for an ageing population: “Norfolk is facing a “significant challenge” because an ageing … Continue Reading

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Does Diagnosis Matter?

 What’s in a Name: Does Diagnosis Matter? I wonder if you recognise these words, “Tis but thy name that is my enemy?” Probably not. How about this line, “…That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet?” Of course, now we’re getting warmer! That is Shakespeare’s Juliet speaking about her … Continue Reading