wheat field with tyre treads

Is that Generosity?

So did you hear the one about the vicar giving away tenners? It’s true; for his church Harvest Festival service, Rev Pev, as his parishioners know him, gave people who attended a ten pound note. I’ve never heard of that before and no wonder it made the news. This Wiki page says that harvest is about,

Ample food and freedom from the necessity to work in the fields are two central features of harvest festivals: eating, merriment, contests, music and romance are common features of harvest festivals around the world.

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Spelling Help
Looking for Volunteers

The Neighbourgood needs a few volunteers to help it out: is that a bit ironic? The site went live yesterday, 7th November and it would be great if a few people could post some fictitious listings and then let me know how it went.  I’m looking for help.

Once the site gets going, it should become self-sufficient in terms of content. Helping and caring organisations should be able to add their details in about ten to fifteen minutes without too much difficulty but it might be the case that some people if they have no experience with computers, will find this challenging. Do You Care? Read on