Caring Friendship is Cruical

This is my third post looking at caring relationships. Part One was, Care to Care and Part two, Standard of Care. I aimed to be done in two but the more I thought about things, the more came to mind. Here, I want to think about the place of friendship in care or maybe the place of care in friendship!  Caring Friendship is crucial to relationships, to individuals and to the economy. Do You Care? Read on

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So, How Will The Neighbourgood Work?

It still is early days and if I’m honest, we still aren’t quite ready to promote The Neighbourgood. You see, I had a change of plan with the site’s design recently and I’m taking a different route with the way the site is built. I won’t bore you with the details here but if you are interested, it has to do with using a premium plug-in for WordPress called Types Tool Set. It’s complicated. Do You Care? Read on

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Supporting a Friend in Real Life

I just read this and it made me stop and think. If you follow the link, the quote is near the bottom of the page under the sub heading, “Is it important to you to be part of a creative community of people?”

Also, my mom passed recently and a bunch of people from the web community sent me a whole month’s wages so that I didn’t have to worry about working. They did it so understated—it was just an email with a link to PayPal and the message read, “Hey, this is us. We realize what you’re going through and we don’t want you to have to worry. Here’s some money. Do with it what you will.” I think that was a real testament to how strong our industry is. People who are dotted all around the world thought enough of me to do that.

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Standard Care or Standard of Care?

This item is a follow-on to the previous Neighbourgood Post.  I tried to make the point that providing care and support is a complex matter and subject to a wide range of influencing factors that complicate, define or explain the caring relationship.  It’s true that people provide and need care for many different reasons and it probably is the case that the standard of care will be determined in some way by many factors.  Here, I’m following on from that to consider whether there is a single, sufficient way to define a standard care that will deliver a satisfactory standard of care.  Oh and by the way, I just noticed this post in my list of drafts.  I thought that I had posted it so, part three is here! Do You Care? Read on

Sharing Keeps Things Going

Sharing knowledge, experience, skill and other resources is the lifeblood of any neighbourhood and no less here.  Sharing will benefit the giver and the recipient and can lead to a sense of belonging and increased security.  Knowing there are people who might help even when you don’t need it, generates confidence and we can kick the process of by being generous to others.  Small things might be enough, like watering the plants and watching out when a person is away, or taking in a parcel when no one is home or perhaps getting the washing in. Do You Care? Read on

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Just Exactly What is Care?

When we think about caring, all manner of ideas come to mind. It is an activity that is as varied as the range of difficulties people can face and the situations they find themselves in. You could say that care is provided by a GP, a person’s partner and by an air steward but each of those is so very different. If you then think about the contrast between paid care and care provide on the basis of personal relationship, everything becomes more complex. Do You Care? Read on

Why Terms and Conditions?

Short answer: because I can! A Terms and Conditions page has been added because I guess any neighbourhood needs some rules or standards to help things go smoothly and to help us get along. I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing here of course, so this is my first shot. As the site grows and especially if The Neighbourgood introduces a small annual fee for listings I guess that these T&Cs will become more important.
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Are You Claiming for Everything You Can?

One of the things that I have heard recently on the radio and television is that many people do not know what their full entitlement to benefits might be.  This has been the case for as long as I can recall and despite living in the age of communication, it seems that these important messages are not getting through.  There has been a lot of talk in the news recently, to do with benefits because of Government plans to place a 1% cap on increases and because of attempts to place a £26,000-a-year ceiling on the amount any household can claim. Do You Care? Read on

Great British Care Awards

Over the Christmas holidays I had a look around to see if I might come up with some interesting news for the Neighbourgood and I came across the web site for the Great British Care Awards. Perfect fit! I did not know about these awards but guessing there might be something like it, I did a search on “Social Care Awards,” thinking that I might come up with some good examples of care and support services in the South East, and it paid off.

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