This will be Quick!

Well, the post will be quick but the video below is a bout 7 minutes long.  “How do you spend your day?” is the question asked in the video and for Richie Parker, you will see, it is pretty remarkable.  I haven’t much to say because pretty much, it is hard to know what to say without resorting to clichés or possibly, making a bit of a mess of it.  At the end of the video the narrator in responding to the question again, says something like, “Don’t ask Richie Parker because he’s already moving on…” Do You Care? Read on

crowded public transport

Disability and Travel: The Tourist

This is my second item inspired by traveling to Tenerife. Right now I am lying in the sun, in my ridiculous shorts pretending I am warm. It’s early but so far, it isn’t even hot enough for a cool beer! I am still in the recovery phase of traveling, the day after a 3.00 a.m. alarm, getting lost finding the airport parking, a four hour flight with my knees tucked under my ears, an hour or so transfer (almost the last hotel drop) and a walk to the beach to squeeze something in on the first day! All that has got me thinking about disability and travel and especially, what a challenge that must be. Do You Care? Read on