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How Good Are you at Accepting Help?

Isn’t it interesting that some of us don’t like to ask for or accept help and support?  Not everyone of course and it can be quite challenging when some people can’t seem to stop asking for help, even when they might not need it – but that’s for another Neighbourgood News item.  Right now, I want to think about reluctance or refusal to accept help and the kind of problems it might lead to.

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Rules are for Breaking!

I am going to break a bit of a personal blogging rule here and tell you a bit about myself.

  1. Social Worker
  2. Have been an Approved MH Professional
  3. Working Mental Health Services
  4. Had an operation on my ear in November 2013

There you go, you pretty much know all there is to know about me!  The reason I don’t like to do this too often is because I don’t want the Neighbourgood to be about me; I want it to be about care and support and about the people that provide it as well as benefit from it. It’s supposed to be a website where people can tell others about the care and support they provide so that people can benefit in some way.  It is not supposed to be about me! Do You Care? Read on