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Talk is Cheap

Talk is Cheap: Words are Cheaper

I distinctly remember as a child, thinking hard about the number of words that must have been written throughout history. It’s a staggering idea but now in my adult head I find myself thinking about it all again.  The essence of the phrase of course, it that it is easy to say things but more difficult to do them.  An offer of help is easy to make but to provide the help is a bit tougher.  These days, with contemporary methods of communication, it’s not just talk that’s cheap but publishing is too – everywhere!

typed words

Talk is cheap
Meaningless Words
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Talk is cheap but costly to Organise

In my day job I have a need to keep up to date with what’s happening around me as well as help others do the same. I need to read and write stuff more than I have ever done before. If I’m honest, I struggle to keep on top. In this context, it’s about developing law and policy, local and county events and processes as well as the daily questions, moans and complaints and the plethora of “issues” that we social workers are alleged to thrive on. In my personal life I have all that junk mail, family business, motoring, accommodation and so on; on top of all that, I have my close family with all the changes, needs and joys that those closest to me add. And don’t get me started on the internet and web building things!

Finding the Value

If talk is cheap how do we find the valuable stuff? Well, it varies from situation to situation but the first thing must be to listen. That’s never going to be easy if you are bombarded with information all of the time. The next thing might be to just use your off button! If you are listening or reading and you find it unhelpful, just move on. It’s about being selective. I used to think I failed if I started a book and didn’t finish it completely. I found myself taking way too long to read books that I just didn’t mean much. This meant that I would lose the thread and find that I didn’t have any enthusiasm but more seriously, it prevented me from reading other books; books that I might enjoy and read much more quickly.

Neighbourgood Talk

Here on the Neighbourgood the substance of the site is not to provide cheap talk. We are building a directory of valuable information about organisations that can help. Details that are easily searched and found, well organised and categorised with the most important details being right on top. With a bit of luck, the more people that find it of interest the more will use it and the greater the number of contributing organisations will be. If talk is cheap then well organised, helpful and accessible information is priceless!

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