Caregivers On Line

Apparently, caregivers love the web and knowing what I know about the Internet as well as providing support, that makes sense to me. If you provide care, you’re busy, right? You are more than likely interested in helping the person or people you care for and interested in finding things out on their behalf and for yourself. That level of interest is what makes good care better.  The Internet is a one-stop-shop for information and advice and once you dive in, you wonder how we ever got by without surfing. It is like having a whole library at your finger tips and doubles up as a convenient way to shop, bank, chat and do so many other things without leaving your keyboard. Do You Care? Read on

typed words

Talk is Cheap: Words are Cheaper

I distinctly remember as a child, thinking hard about the number of words that must have been written throughout history. It’s a staggering idea but now in my adult head I find myself thinking about it all again.  The essence of the phrase of course, it that it is easy to say things but more difficult to do them.  An offer of help is easy to make but to provide the help is a bit tougher.  These days, with contemporary methods of communication, it’s not just talk that’s cheap but publishing is too – everywhere!
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