Why Terms and Conditions?

Short answer: because I can! A Terms and Conditions page has been added because I guess any neighbourhood needs some rules or standards to help things go smoothly and to help us get along. I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing here of course, so this is my first shot. As the site grows and especially if The Neighbourgood introduces a small annual fee for listings I guess that these T&Cs will become more important.

The Terms and Conditions are bound to change as the site develops and as it grows. I am open to comments and suggestions but mostly, this is an attempt to be clear about what The Neighbourgood is about, what it wants to achieve and a way to be assure users about what our commitment to them.

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Not Much to Fall Out Over

Well, you would think not wouldn’t you! However, I think that I am experienced enough to have plenty of first-hand knowledge about the age-old principle, “What can go wrong will go wrong!” Accepting that might be, if things do go wrong I want there to be a set of principles that we can rely on to help sort things out amicably and support community life in The Neighbourgood.

Please Help Out

Anyway, If you can help out with this and let me know what you think needs changing, it would be appreciated. If you think the wording needs changing or something else should be added, please let me know.

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