Sharing Keeps Things Going

Sharing knowledge, experience, skill and other resources is the lifeblood of any neighbourhood and no less here.  Sharing will benefit the giver and the recipient and can lead to a sense of belonging and increased security.  Knowing there are people who might help even when you don’t need it, generates confidence and we can kick the process of by being generous to others.  Small things might be enough, like watering the plants and watching out when a person is away, or taking in a parcel when no one is home or perhaps getting the washing in.

Two People Sharing a Hotdog
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Social Networking

All that stuff is about building social networks but that phrase these days, has taken on a whole new meaning with the rise of social media.  One of the best things that could happen for this web site would be for people (aka You) to share it on the web.  You must have by now seen all those share buttons that populate web pages everywhere and there’s a reason why that has happened.  Cynical Me thinks that the primary driver for this is advertising and the huge revenues this generates for the big players.  The thing about online advertising is that it can be directed at particular people or groups very precisely.  For instance, if you have photography listed as an interest in your Facebook profile, then you’ll see advertising for photographic products on your page.  But despite all that, social networking is the heart of the internet and all that interconnectedness is what keeps everything glued nicely together.  Linking really is what the web does and if you think about it the way you surf is evidence of this.  When you read a book it’s normal practice to start at the beginning and work your way through but if you are reading on the internet you will more than likely moving from page to page, opening images and tabs, book-marking, commenting now and then, watching video or listening to music and more .

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Honk if Your Support Us!

Have you seen those posters when a group of people are protesting?  People are appealing to drivers to show their support by sounding their horns.  It adds a bit of encouragement and is a small thing that people can to to show that the approve of what is going on.  This post is an appeal to anyone reading to do one small thing to support The Neighbourgood if you think it is a good idea.  That small thing is to share a link to the site in some way and if you do it once, to keep doing so every time you visit.  You can do this on your own Facebook page, or through Twitter or even on your own blog.  The best way is to click in the address bar of your browser and copy the link.  You can see in the image below, where your address bar is in your browser.

If you copied the link from this page it would look like this:

And you can use that anywhere.  When things pick up and the directory starts to fill up, a really great thing for The Neighbourgood would be to share the listings as they are added by linking to that page in this site.   You know, if you know someone looking for a a particular service and you find that here then send them the link to that page in the same way I have shown in the image below. I really can’t say enough about how important this is to the success of this web site and of course, any other you might appreciate or support. One of the strongest indicators of a web site’s importance or popularity, is the number of back-links or links to the site. Every time someone shares a link to The Neighbourgood, it does a little bit of good.

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Sharing The Link

Say Something

Go on, I dare you!  Many of the pages that we have here on the Neighbourgood have comment forms for people to post their own thoughts and ideas.  Where you can, please feel free to add to the discussion or start your own.  You can share your own experience, offer help and advice, add some controversy or anything really.


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