So, How Will The Neighbourgood Work?

It still is early days and if I’m honest, we still aren’t quite ready to promote The Neighbourgood. You see, I had a change of plan with the site’s design recently and I’m taking a different route with the way the site is built. I won’t bore you with the details here but if you are interested, it has to do with using a premium plug-in for WordPress called Types Tool Set. It’s complicated.

Will the Neighbourgood Take Off?

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Well that explains the delay and if I’m honest, I’m a little relieved to be given more time. I’m quite sure there’s a place for The Neighbourgood on t’internet. Ultimately, I won’t know for sure until it takes off a bit and caring and support organisations start adding their listings. In the meantime I can add a couple of entries or more each week and build up the directory myself. Others can post listings too; it really isn’t difficult. A person will need to register and then add the details. The registration is based on an email address which takes moments, then the listing is added and there will be a delay before it is approved. After approval, listing owners can manage their own listing without waiting. Phone numbers can be changed and new services added as things develop. Only the Listing owner can edit the listing (except for the site admin).

How it Will Work

At first, I imagine that The Neighbourgood directory will be added to by Yours Truly and as many friends I can persuade to help out. When a Listing is added by someone not connected to the organisation it will be shorter than what organisations themselves can manage so, no photos, no URL (web address) and only a brief description. Just enough to fulfil the first Neighbourgood function which is to act as an address book of sorts. The other function is to encourage local groups to connect with local people which is where the listing and the finding thing comes in. The most reliable source of information will be from the organisations themselves so The Neighbourgood needs to encourage organisations to own and manage their listings.

How The Neighbourgood Might Develop

I have said before that all of this relates to the Resource Drawer and my experience of that as social worker.  I hope that this might become a key resource that professionals, people with difficulties and disabilities, and others can find services and resources that might help.  Over time I think I can add an events or announcement function as well so that the organisations that list their details here can add important announcements and events.  These are the things that also made their way into the Black Hole that was the Resource Drawer over time.  Organisations would inevitably make the teams I worked for aware of the developments of their service for the team members to use and I suppose, in the hope that those workers in the team would pass that information on to people that used services.  That turned out to be a bit hit-and-miss but I reckon that The Neighbourgood will be more findable and more accessible to everyone.

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What Do You Think?

Have your say through the comments below.  Can you think of other ways that The Neighbourgood might develop?  We can’t do everything but will consider anything!

What it Means:

  • Listing: an entry in the directory
  • Listing owner: the person who adds the listing
  • URL: a web address like,
  • Findable: through using search engines like Bing, Ask and Google
  • Resource Draw: resource drawer – a place where information gets (ah hem…) filed
  • WordPress: a blog engine or content management system
  • WordPress: some software
  • Plugin: something that plugs in or gets added to WordPress or, more software

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