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I don’t really like the word Blog.  That’s one reason I called this section in the Neighbourgood, “News” which in my view, is what many blogs try to do and what I think, is a better fit.  Having said that, I would prefer, “News & Views” but that makes for an awkward menu item in the navigation.  It sounds more like what these posts are looking like but then, that might make it more appropriate to use the word blog!

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Neighbourgood Blog: Get Writing

You know already I am sure that the word blog is a very recent addition to our vocabularies and that it comes from joining the two words “web,” and “log.”  Apparently, the first ever blog was started in 1994 and its anniversary was a few days ago on 27th January.  It is interesting that something so new is now so widespread.  There’s another reason why I chose to use the word news, blog is so new that some people might be suspicious of it or not understand it.  I made that decision on the assumption that someone who knows what a blog is will understand what a news section is but knowing what a news section is doesn’t guarantee familiarity with blogging.

So why a Neigbourgood Blog?

I’ve been  developing web sites for about 4 or 5 years now and have learned enough to advise people to frequently add good, relevant content to their site.  OK, so that sounds obvious but I don’t mean the content that forms the basis of a site such as an about page or product, service, and contact pages.  What I mean is to add content that shows people visiting, that you are still awake!  When something appears to be going on it might attract more people to visit and more importantly, more people to visit repeatedly.  If people visit a site looking for information and it isn’t there, there’s every chance they will go somewhere else.  It is must be the case that anyone wanting a web site also wants people to see their stuff and it is also the case that having more stuff to see might increase people’s motivation to visit again to see if there’s more stuff – and so it goes on.  One thing that you must understand, is that if something isn’t there, no amount of searching will find it!  That’s an important thing to consider.  Most of the stuff I find on the internet, I find by following links in the pages I am reading or I use a search engine.  Say I am looking for a support worker and I Google, “support,” can you imagine how many results I would get?  I’ll try It now.  Google tells me I got About 4,040,000,000 results (0.29 seconds) [see image].  Wow!  But I’m still no better off so let’s try Care in Tunbridge Wells.  Now we’re down to a paltry 4,300,000 results but more importantly, there are probably a couple of sites on the first page that I might be able to find what I am looking for.  The point here is, that these companies would not have been found by Google if they had not had the words, “Care in Tunbridge Wells,” used on their web site.  It is a little more complicated than that but that will suffice as a general principle.

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Search for Care

Neighbourgood Network

If you think about it, all of this blogging, searching and finding stuff is perfect for the ideas that The Neighbourgood is built on.  The site aims to be a place to keep information and contact details about local services and for that information to be easily discovered: search and find.  Organisations will have the chance to make their details available in a different place and people using their services will have another way to find it.

Having this emphasis in the site means that I need to try and keep adding fresh content and this is something that I will try to maintain but would also like some help with.  If you would like to write something that people might like to read and is in keeping with the rest of The Neighbourgood web site, please get in touch with your ideas.  I won’t guarantee that your suggestions will be taken up but there’s a pretty good chance.  Or, you can add content by adding comments to any page where you see a comments area.  All of that becomes content on the site and will help it grow and be found.  If The Neighbourgood is currently a small street and it becomes a hamlet or a village and then a town or city, eventually, it will be visible from space!

Neighbourgood Content

So now with after advising others to add content to their sites, I am having to take a dose of my own medicine and come up with fresh content for The Neighbourgood.  It’s not that hard once you get going but at times it is difficult to get started.  Writing more technical pieces gets a bit more involved because some research is required and some topics, once you scratch the surface, can be really complicated, especially to someone with a tendency to over-think things!  However, I try to make it easier for myself by writing without too much depth, trying to find links to more detailed content and writing as broadly as I can.

What do You Think?

Do you have a blog or share your thoughts actively through social media?  Are you interested in adding content to this site?  Could be about anything to do with community support or helping others and if the content is even loosely connected.  To be honest, I would consider anything that is interesting, even if it isn’t connected.  It would be like having a visitor to the neighbourhood.   One thing that inspired this post was reading an article on finding inspiration.  It’s particularly written for bloggers but it has some good advice for anyone that is feeling their creative edge is getting blunt.

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