Great British Care Awards

Over the Christmas holidays I had a look around to see if I might come up with some interesting news for the Neighbourgood and I came across the web site for the Great British Care Awards. Perfect fit! I did not know about these awards but guessing there might be something like it, I did a search on “Social Care Awards,” thinking that I might come up with some good examples of care and support services in the South East, and it paid off.

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You Don’t Have to Own a Group to List a Group

It struck me that  I ought to say that.  If you work for, manage, own or have anything to do with with a caring or helping organisation, go ahead and add a listing.  If you know of a group that should be here and  you have absolutely nothing to do with them, go ahead and add it anyway!  Think of the Neighbourgood as a kind of phone book, or web directory or list of contacts.  It’s fine to think of it like that because that’s precisely what it is. Do You Care? Read on