Is that Generosity?

So did you hear the one about the vicar giving away tenners? It’s true; for his church Harvest Festival service, Rev Pev, as his parishioners know him, gave people who attended a ten pound note. I’ve never heard of that before and no wonder it made the news. This Wiki page says that harvest is about,

Ample food and freedom from the necessity to work in the fields are two central features of harvest festivals: eating, merriment, contests, music and romance are common features of harvest festivals around the world.

wheat field with tyre treads
Well, in this vicar’s mind it seems that generosity and neighbourliness were also features of his consideration of harvest. And why not? He said,

“Today is all about passing on a blessing to other people. Harvest is a time when we’re thankful for what we’ve got, and we try to share it with others.” –Tyne Tees ITV

That’s about neighbourliness. To poach a Biblical metaphor, it’s about sowing and reaping. I must point out here that Neigbourgood is not a religious thing but it is a helping thing.

Now that’s my idea of charity.

This wasn’t just an opportunity for people to make an easy £10 even if some of the congregation might have used it as such. The point was for people to use the money for the benefit of others. The church website has a list of things that people did with their money. Some people were entrepreneurial enough to use their £10 to make more money for other charities but the ones that I like are the simple, local gestures of kindness: taking someone flowers or a cake and even taking a neighbour out for a meal.

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