Doing My Best

This site has been on my mind since mid 2011 and I think that I am at last, getting near to the idea becoming a reality. For me, it is quite an ambitious project and one that I think will be useful. Of course, that will depend on whether other people think it is useful too. Like so many other things in life it will only be as good as the people that contribute to it and people might not do so unless they think it is going to be good. ┬áSo, like any other community, I’m looking for help do develop The Neighbourgood.

Children guided accross the street.

Help and Support Developing The Neighbourgood

That’s the bottom line. I want the site to work but I need others to help make it work. I’m banking on the fact that people that commit to the caring professions are generally pretty committed to their work or organisation. They want to do their best to help others and this site will help communicate that to the public and especially to people looking for help and support. If you have a great support service that you want others to know the details of, then Neighbourgood is for you. If you decide to register your details here, then it would help if you let others know what you have done and encourage them to sign up too. If you do that, it will help in developing The Neighbourgood.



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